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Get Out + Give Back 
FAMILY Volunteering

Together with their FAMILY, we enable young children, ages 5 and up, to engage with give-back projects that directly benefit those struggling within our community.


Through age-appropriate volunteering opportunities, we empower kids to experience first-hand how their volunteer work has a positive impact on the community. We want Kid Volunteers to understand why they are volunteering + why it matters.

Through volunteering, we can plant the seeds of project leadership, ownership of a task, develop the skills of working together as a team to accomplish a (give-back) task, and interact + develop friendships with people you may normally never meet.

Most of our give-back projects are designed for elementary + middle school-aged Kid Volunteers.

Registration opens mid-month for upcoming volunteer events. Be sure to sign up for emails.
You don't want to miss out! 

How We Develop
FAMILY Volunteer Projects

No Crafting Kind Kids project is ever the same! 
We partner with Tucson-area nonprofits to meet their current needs in a kid-friendly + intentional way. For that reason, many of the volunteer projects within our program vary and are often project specific.

When you register for a Crafting Kind Kids FAMILY volunteer project, you can expect:

  • Volunteer projects suited for kids attention spans, with projects that are 60-120 minutes long;

  • Carefully vetted projects that are appropriate, fun + safe for kids ages 5 and up;

  • Highly coordinated projects with partnering nonprofits to ensure Kid Volunteers have a meaningful give-back experience;

  • Pre-event education so that Kid Volunteers can better understand what they will be doing + why their volunteer work matters;

  • Post-event reflection so that families can continue the conversation with their Kid Volunteers at home and help them to develop a greater understanding + empathy for issues within our community; and

  •  A takeaway snack for the Kid Volunteers!

All of our volunteer projects are offered to families at a low cost registration fee, or are free.

Help us craft a kinder community + offer even more give-back projects to Tucson families by making a donation today.


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Let's Hear Your Family's VOLUNTEER Story ♥

We love getting out into the community and giving back.
We never would have found these opportunities on our own.
Thank you for providing + organizing these volunteer projects for families! 

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Untitled design (1).png

Kristen, Crafting Kind Kids Family Volunteer

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